Lev Echad Houston Gemach List

Baby Gear:  Shira Mytelka 281-974-0927

Bris Pillow/Outfit:  Jessica Toso 281-782-2869 or Gayil Helprin 713-252-2864 (Bris Davening Cards in addition)  or Naomi Selevan 347-933-5299

Bris Box (box with supplies for the actual Bris):  Adina Metchik 914-714-3772 or Dahlia Simons 412-651-7541

Boys Suits for Simchas (18 months-11 years):  Gayil Helprin 713-252-2864

Chairs / Tables:  Zehava Wolbe 832-721-9331, Tzirel Dubin 732-814-4239 (30 black metal folding chairs and 2 folding tables) and Michal Jacknin 845-538-6128

Emergency Equipment:  Rabbi Moshe Friedman 713-330-6424 or Dovid Wolhberg 718-314-9302

Food: Lev Echad Houston (Penina Medetsky 832-594-4760 or Tzivia Weiss 513-652-0444) or Shoshana Isaacson (pareve soup) 443-226-9356 or Sara Goldenzweig 631-255-4612 (any food needs up until candle lighting)

Jewish Library:  Aviva Lieberman 516-474-8178 or Leon Weiner book library (inside Young Israel) Rachel Davis 713-446-4998

Lice/Nits Checking:  Penina Medetsky 832-594-4760 or Nomi Masri 832-605-5346

Medical Equipment:  Shirley Katz 832-545-7683 (wheelchair/crutches) or Zehava Wolbe 832-721-9331 (adult/kid crutches ) or Chaverim 832-800-8235 or Rachel Yaghobian (wheelchair/walker) 832-659-5506 or Shoshana Kessler 718-644-8687 or UOS – Ezra Miller medicalgemachofhouston@gmail.com

Notary:  Binyomin Medetsky 832-570-2428 or Avi Metchik 617-817-0851 or Yitzi Artman 314-413-9426

Pregnancy Loss / Postpartum Support:  Rachel Yaghobian 832-659-5506

Purim Costumes: Hadassah Brown 469-360-0124

Sheitel/Wig:  Yocheved Stock 832-428-1754

Shiva Chairs and Siddurim:  Aryeh Wolbe 832-452-2288 or Chaverim 832-800-8234

Simcha Gemach/ Table Decor:  Adina Metchik 914-714-3772 or Tziril Gardner  845-641-3997 or Leeba Weiser (simcha and tablecloth) 516-724-7773

Sound Protection: Sari Nagel  832-264-3935 (Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones, Sound Level Meter)

Tablecloths:  Chevi Friedman 917-704-7541 and Shira Buchwald 718-873-3973, Leeba Weiser (Simcha and Tablecloth)

Uniforms, YTE:  Rus Wersing 770-878-4457

Web Filter /TAG:  www.houstontag.org, Rabbi Eliezer Kessler elizerkessler@gmail.com

Wedding Shtick:  Penina Medetsky 832-594-4760

Wedding/ Evening Gowns:  Shoshana Isaacson 443-226-9356

Women’s Clothing:  Stephani Serotta 713-854-8241 or Yaffa Behar 713-419-8060 or Toby Polatsek 845-826-0000

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