Bonei Olam

Bonei Olam
306 Chestnut Street
Lakewood, NJ 08701
United States


Bonei Olam means builders of worlds. Current statistics indicate that one out of every six couples are faced with the challenge of infertility. The pain and emotional trauma of childlessness is something no couple should have to endure. Certainly not due to a lack of financial means or other surmountable obstacles. Since its founding in 1999, Bonei Olam has set its mission to provide the means or resources necessary to allow childless couples facing infertility the opportunity to pursue medical fertility treatment.
Bonei Olam provides support to a couple facing infertility, at every step of the way. We help with medical referrals, counselor support, and if needed, financial assistance.
Every day Bonei Olam receives requests ranging from doctor referrals to requests to pay for complex medical treatments. With every call for help, we understand that a couple yearns for a child. Every story and every need is unique, and that is why every person calling is treated with care and dignity.